9 Jun 2012

Small Speedlight Studio Setup on a budget.

Don't have enough for those very tempting studio lights down at the camera store, but have a couple of Speedlights in your camera bag? Well then you have pretty much all you need to take some pretty cool portraits!

This is my friend Chinedu, and he just wrote a book. Once I get the details of where to buy it I will post a link right here.

I took his portrait in my small home studio in the corner of our lounge and the set-up looks more or less like this:

That's a Nikon sb700 on the stand shooting into a black backed umbrella and throwing back oodles of beautiful light onto the victim model. On the chair at the back is a Nikon sb600 with a home crafted gobo made from a corn-flakes box covered in silver duct tape which is spitting out light onto the white wall behind the previously mentioned model. The end result is quite satisfactory, at least that's what I think!


  1. Oh, man, you HAVE to look at this setup :D
    means that one light is just enough ;)

    1. Been there, seen that! ;-)
      David Hobby is one of my first stops every day, I really like his work. That particular setup is high on my "to do" list!