21 Aug 2017

Portrait of a Girl

Portraiture photography is my outright favourite type of photography, whether studio, location, corporate or wedding photography, I find the experience of interaction with my subject intriguing and totally wonderful. When you develop a good rapport with your "model" and bring out the best in their character to capture forever in a beautiful portrait is the most satisfying part of photography to me.

Technical crap in case it matters to you:
Two Nikon Speedlights, one through an umbrella from camera right and above, one from behind the subject through a small plastic diffuser. Both speedlights were triggered via Nikon's wireless infrared "CLS" control system. Edited in the GIMP and quickly resized in Picasa. Nikon D300s and Nikkor 85mm f1.8, @ 1/200th, iso200, f2.8.

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