26 May 2012

Windmill Supermarket near Hartbeespoort Dam - "Old" digital technology isn't so obsolete after all!

Taken with an "ancient" digital technology Canon 350D and kit lens from early 2005. Still looks good to me!

Best of all is that I still have the camera and it still works like new! While Canon and Nikon don't publicly rate consumer cameras and their shutters very highly, in reality they will outlast any normal use that we can throw at them. While digital cameras are quickly tossed aside by Joe Public when a newer "better" camera is released, the truth is that if you look after them they will last way longer than expected and still take great photographs. Replacing cameras every couple of years is just a marketing ploy to keep selling cameras, and it's been ingrained so deeply into us by all the brainwashing indoctrination advertising that we can justify buying that new shiny doodad thingamabob quite easily. Remember when we only used to replace cameras once they broke completely and the dealer just simply couldn't repair them any more? No? It wasn't so long ago...

Now, how about that new D7000? :-)


  1. It's not the camera what makes the picture, it's a lens creating it. Camera only records what the lens have to say ;) would this http://olesiowo.blogspot.com/2010/07/ania-gosia-buw-warszawa.html be possible with kit lens? No. But with 350d? Yes ;)

    Btw 350d was one of the most durable dsrls. One of them was lost 1000m high, hit the grass and it was still working ;) http://cielphoto.blogspot.com/2009/12/my-first-dslr-rebel-xt.html - maybe nikon would make it, maybe not ;)

    1. Nice pics, the colour is just great, the 350D does a fantastic job!

      I have actually found some kit lenses are quite decent. The 18-55 on the Canon is fairly good and the 18-105 from Nikon is super sharp, in fact in the right conditions it rivals my 35mmf1.8G DX for sharpness (not wide open of course!). I have heard the 18-55 from Nikon is also very good. Mostly they lack buld quality and have a lot of distortion.

      So when are you going to test your cameras to see if they are as durable as the 350D that fell and survived? ;-)

      Have a great day!

    2. Canon 18-55 IS kitlens is much sharper, especially on f/5.6 - f/8.0. It can even equal some L zooms in sharpness comparision in 18-30mm :)

      PS: I don't want to test durability ;)